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Marty Richards, Social Worker


A Reciprocal Approach to Caregiving & Care Receiving in the Complexities of Aging, Illness or Disability

by Marty Richards

"A clinical social worker with decades of experience, Richards (Caregving: Church and Family Together) knows her subject deeply. She proposes revising the usual understanding of caregiving; it’s not a one-way connection in which one gives and the other receives, but rather a mutual relationship of shared care that takes advantage of each person’s strengths. This is a radical and timely idea given the aging of 78 million baby boomers and the present experience of millions now caring for aging, ill or disabled loved ones.

Also innovative is Richard’s steady insistence that care sharing is spiritual work; with this view, resources multiply, from congregational support to supplies of hope and meaning. The book is eminently practical, with dozens of suggestions and a helpful and manageable bibliography of key texts from the growing literature. But Richards if more than a peripheral observer; she conveys in a caring way her profound understanding of this inevitable part of the life cycle. There are, and will be, many books about caregiving; this one is sensitive and essential."

Publishers Weekly, November 10, 2008

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